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Broken Kona Unit :(

All good things must come to an end. I’ve had the little unit for about 11 months now it is no longer fully rigid. It now has several inches of lateral travel in the rear spelling the end of that frame set.

Thankfully it happened in the top half of Rock Lobster rather than the bottom half where the consequences could have been a whole lot more severe. I hit a rock, heard some tyre buzz and assumed I had a stick lodged in the rear wheel somewhere. I pulled over over immediately to get it out and instead found the tyre buzzing on the drive side chain stay. It didn’t take long from there to inspect the drop outs and find a huge crack through the drive side drop out leaving the chainstay flapping around disconnected.

I nursed it along however it was a noodly mess and with close enough to 10k’s back the car, I needed a makeshift fix to try and prevent the frame from flapping to death. Enter a hack job with some zip ties, a stick and some nylon thread. It worked reasonably well and I was able to nurse it back to the car. I had to walk the uphills since the torque generated whilst riding uphill would cause the rear wheel to wobble maniacally.

Next up will be a custom AK rigid steel 29er with a few tweaks to make it a slightly better bike-packing machine. The Kona can hang on the wall next to the broken KHS in memory of good times and lucky escapes.

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