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Adventures on a bike; sometimes on foot

Bumping in the night

What goes bump in the night? The answer is Mick and Brad riding into things as we stumbled around in the dunes.

The forecast was for a super moon of unparalleled luminosity where we envisaged having rock hard sand and legs to burn. The reality didn’t quite go to script as the sand was fickle, the legs were more accustomed to propping up a bar stool and the super moon was more akin to an internet hoax than a natural wonder.

Thankfully the cloud cover that prevented all those organic lumens from showing Brad that he was about to ride off the edge of a giant sand cliff, were replaced by 1 million light bulbs from local industry reflecting back off the clouds. Enough to get a vauge sense of where were you riding, but with no lights – not enough to stop brad flailing off the edge of said sand cliff as he rode the trail in his head rather than the one beneath his wheels.

With the wind howling and the rain beginning to fall, we had accomplished all we had set out to do that day. I had proven that riding a fat bike on the commute to work into a headwind was stupid. Brad had proven that whenever he schedules a full moon ride, the weather is shit and Mick proved correct that helmets weren’t really necessary when riding in soft sand, but beers really are necessary.

Riding bikes is rad




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