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Doghouse solution: bring cupcakes!

“Hey honey, I’m just going for a quick lap through Glenrock – should be about an hour. See you soon. ”

That was the brief as i headed out this morning on the fattie. I had every intention of keeping to that too, the legs didn’t really want to pedal and by the time i hit Burwood beach, the soft sand said “no more”. I had planned to cruise around the front of the beach and grab a coffee and check the surf at Merewether, but having left my wallet behind, my plans were scuttled. I ended up noodling around for a little while and after stopping to stretch my back, I realised i was already late…..

Climbing out of the ‘rock to head home and what happens? I almost literally run into the group ride that left J-rats store this morning. Some of the guys i haven’t seen in years and guess where they were headed? Yep, straight to the same cafe for a coffee. I commenced with the excuses but was unable to refute the resounding logic when someone said “you’re already in the dog house, so really there is no more consequences if you come for another ride”. Well, that and J-rat kindly offering to shout me a flat white were the 2 key points.

Of course now i find myself chasing a bunch of skinny fast kids including Chris Aitken on a wholely inappropriate bike and having a freaking awesome time doing it. There really is something about chasing people through single track that is so much more engaging than noodling along the same bit of trail on your own. So we did the group ride; smash, rest, regroup thing. Then drank a coffee in the golden late spring sunshine and then I pedalled home to the inevitable consequences….

BUT WAIT – is that a cupcake store?! And so bribes were offered, and it seems i shan’t be spending the night in a kennel after all. Winning.


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