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Adventures on a bike; sometimes on foot

Newsflash: Man rides bike, writes about it on internet.

A group of mates, a group of fatbikes and the best trail ever. Oh, and quite a lot of post ride amber rehydration resulted.





Highlights for me included my wheelie-to-failed-unclip, which landed me on my arse several hundred meters into the ride. I really should do something about that non functioning replica of a rear brake i am currently using. I’ve been saying it for a long time but I think that incident might actually bring me to do something about it…. might.

Miguels mechanical: typically a broken chain always happens when no-one around has replacement links. I literally bought half a dozen recently and they were all in a different bag. Unfortunately for Mick, he didn’t have any alternative options left other than to pop another link apart and and rejoin it with the pin from the link he just popped. Also unfortunate for Mick is the ravages of father time on close up vision.  He didn’t look very hard at what he was doing and then used the chain breaker to mangle a perfectly good power link that was already in the chain right next to where it broke in the first place. Laughter was the result for all but Mick.



The dead whale: It no longer looks anything like a dead whale, however it certainly smells like it. It is more like a smelly sack of putrid bones. No longer the sort of thing i’d lean my bike against for a selfie but definitely the sort of thing your dog would want to roll all over.


I didn’t witness it, but i am told it happened regardless: B-rad actually pinch flatted a tube. I’ve seen him run wholly inappropriate tyre pressures, with tubes,  through rock gardens for years and never have a problem. Now that he had 4 inches of tyre travel available to him and an extra thick tube, he manages to flat on a sandy trail. Amusing.

B-rad recognizing a friend and his Mrs as we rode along Samurai (nudie beach) and the awkwardness that followed. No photos were taken…

The taste of that first beer at Shoal Bay Country Club. Only drinking 1 bottle of water through 3 hours in the afternoon heat left me a little parched. That first sip of beer was something special.img_6888

Anyway. We rode bikes and it was good.

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